Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

So how was you're day?

I have to say I will be really glad when my computer class starts again,its been cancelled the last three weeks because the lass that does it broke her ankle,poor woman,I hope she feels better soon.

I got my header changed today,check it out yvonnereid its awesome,Nicky ifuseeknicky made it and I asked him to do some re-adjustments and he did and uploaded it for me,hes really awesome,and he changed my youtube channel front page aswell,he really is an angel *hugs him*

Its been such a long day and im gonna try and get some sleep,my sleep has been off again and im wreaked tonight,I really hope I can sleep.

I was chatting to alot of folks on facebook today and everyone seems to have had a good day thankfully,I hope all of you guys had agreat day too.

I was uber busy,went and saw Shutter Island and loved it,won't buy a coke and popcorn there again cos its a rip off,it really is,nearlly £3,they must have saw me coming lol
Made dinner for me and my niece who came to visit,my sister also came and we talked for ages about here Gale encounter,im so jealous of her,I really am. :)))

Ok,nighty night all,love you loads
Later ~ Vonnie :))) xoxox
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