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04 April 2011 @ 08:54 pm
You have to watch this!!!!!!!!!  

I just watched Shutter Island and OMG!!!! Its fucking awesome.
Im not a great Leo fan (I was two centuries ago when Titanic came out,but just for a wee while lol) but his performance in this movie is his best yet I believe!!!


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Lady Elaine: junjou miyagi/shin spottedlumcheng on April 4th, 2010 08:29 pm (UTC)
I watched Shutter Island about 2 weeks ago and it was really good, yeah.
Twisted plot and interesting characters.
That night I was awake for a long time in bed and thought about it ;)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on April 4th, 2010 08:39 pm (UTC)
Hi Lummy,good to see you again :))))

I couldn't believe it at all!!!!
Unbelievable all together <3
Klaudia: Brian white shirtdansmon_cafe on April 5th, 2010 07:52 am (UTC)
I saw it too and I loved it!!!! To be honest, it's one of the best movies I've seen lately. And Leo did such an amazing work. He's a great actor really.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on April 5th, 2010 01:21 pm (UTC)
He is you know,and hes alot more buff these days,he must work out ^^ :))))) xoxoxo
Lynspike7451 on April 5th, 2010 09:14 am (UTC)
Will put it on my list of 'to see' movies. :)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on April 5th, 2010 01:22 pm (UTC)
You do that Lyn,it really is a great movie :))))
emmakinney: Random: theatre geek masksemmakinney on April 5th, 2010 10:46 pm (UTC)
God, I have been looking for someone to squee about this movie with :D

Leo was fab (and quite hot. I was never into him even in Titanic I didn't like him!) Mark Ruffalo was very understated and really great at the part.

I love movies that totally mess with your head and this is definitely one of them. The best 'mind-blowing' movie I've seen in a loooong time. Just brilliant.

Guess who'll be buying it when it comes out on dvd? ;)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on April 5th, 2010 11:03 pm (UTC)
Well,we can have a wee chat when we are both standing outside HMV awaiting our copy lol :)

I loved it alot,and can't wait to watch it again when it comes out on dvd,it really is a great movie Emma :))) xoxox