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02 April 2011 @ 14:15
Brian kinney picspam  
Here are some of my fave Brian Kinney pics,as requested by Jackie sexy_pumpkin in her post today.

Yes,I have a filthy mind ;)))

He makes sunnys look uber sexy!! :))

Look at them shoulders "iz ded"!!! :)))

One of the shows sweetest moments
and hes uber hot here aswell ;)))

Is there really any need for words???? :))))

OMG!!! That chest !"£$hk,n, whoops
im donig the whole hsaikng hand thing again lol :)))

And finally,the bike pic,God that look
will forever be embeded into my brain :)))

Oh ok,I threw this one in for luck lol :)))
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Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 15:37 (UTC)
Hes so hot in that piccy,isn't he??? :))))
I always giggle when I watch the scene in your icon,poor Brian thou :)))))
Found You: BK- Embracing my Inner Cowboy-NFSdani_blondy on 2nd April 2010 14:07 (UTC)
Nice Spam Quickly Scrolls past the First Pic is weird as much as I have seen almost ALL of Galey I think some things are best left to the Imagination and Pretty Sunnies Heh :)

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 15:39 (UTC)
Your right,some things are better left to the imagination.But I do like that pic alot,the scene is kinda funny too :)))
wildsweet_angelwildsweet_angel on 2nd April 2010 14:15 (UTC)
Love the pic with his son and the pic when he's on the bike. Adorable and sexy!

Thanks Yvonne, this made me smile.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 15:40 (UTC)
Glad to have made you smile,I love that pic of Brian and Gus,its so cute,he really loved his son alot :)))
Merrily: Gale Hmmmmmwrstlgirl on 2nd April 2010 14:37 (UTC)
I can never get enough of Gale!
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 15:41 (UTC)
You and me both :)))
7WildWaysUp7wildwaysup on 2nd April 2010 15:21 (UTC)
I love the one with baby Gus, Sweet!!!

The last pic he just makes you want to leap into his arms... OK maybe they all do... or maybe I just want too? Hummm...

Loving these thanks Vonnie, and thanks Jackie for requesting them!

Later ~ Kathleen
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 15:44 (UTC)
I think she made the request to everyone,but I thought it was a great idea and its been a while since I did one.

Hes so cute with Gus,and I think I would jump into his arms in any pic lol

Thanks for popping in Kathleen :)))
luvbrian on 2nd April 2010 15:27 (UTC)
Hotel sex...bike sex...nekkid Brian...!!!!!!!!!!! *THUD*
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 15:46 (UTC)
*hopes you are ok*
But passes out with you lol

I love the hotel scenes and the bike sex too and of course the nekkid Brian. :)))))
a_life_defiant: pen15a_life_defiant on 2nd April 2010 15:50 (UTC)
if ever there was man created specifically to be naked....it's definitely him!!

you have killed me, my darling. X|
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 17:07 (UTC)
Thats so true!!! :))))
mitakaymitakay on 2nd April 2010 16:41 (UTC)
Thanks for sharing all the pics...I LOVE every single one! :)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd April 2010 17:08 (UTC)
Me too :)))
and your welcome :)))