Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Glad to be caught up!!!!

Pic from Gale Harold.it,this is my new fave Gale pic,I think I feel a frame coming on lol :))))

Hi everyone,my personal Gale video post response was very.....overwhelming I think,you are liable to find it in alot of places as people have been pm and emailing me asking me if they can post it on thier sites,I gave them all permission to show it,im still shocked at it myself :)))))

Anyway,I still have to upload the autographs into my computer to show you them,theres two,one is the doller note and the other is the back of the bar reciept that my sister also got him to sign,so as soon as I get them into my computer I will share them aswell.
Im getting them laminated next week and the clip is being put on to a dvd for me to keep safe,I don't trust my computer lol.

Im so glad to have finally got my friends page caught up and have caught up with you all,and I came across some stunning Gale pics that are new I think,also I just completed reading and replying to nearly 300 emails and got them out of the way too,so now I can relax and do some reading.

I missed you all and hope you are well :)))))
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