Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Not whinging, for a change lol

Today my niece Alicia made her Confirmation and we had a buffet for her in my house.
Just snadwiches,mini pizzas,coujouns ect...and it turned out to be a good day for everyone.

My own mood is much much calmer and I have been laughing and even crying with tears of laughter and have just all round been feeling good.
Such a change from how I was feeling,im not stressed anymore (it could be because im going to the country on Monday for a good week.

My eldest sister is gong to New York on Sunday morning and my parents are looking after them until she comes back (I hope they behave for them).
I have made it clear to my sister im not doing it again (of course if its an emergency I would have no choice).
She paid me £20 quid and said she was sorry for everything,I think I believe her,my folks are still having a long talk with her when she comes back,I have remained calm cause I want to start any trouble. (good girl Vonnie)

Anyway,I managed to save my computer and my files,now im gonna put my files onto a memory stick and save them for good,will do that tomorrow so hopefully my computer won't crash again until then.
Thtas what happened....it crashed.
My dad said as a last resort he would try a cd thingy and it worked,nothing else does,so its running from that.

Many thanks for all your support over the last week,again you guys have been my rock,heres a nice piccy of Galey

(clicky on the piccy twice,it was made for me by Nicky ifuseeknicky and is an awesome animation of a few hot galey pics,enjoy)
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