Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Missed you


First of all I would like to wish my fellow Irish live journalers a belated Happy St Patricks day (and to everyone else who may celebrate it too).

What a week I just had,
I have been feeling depressed alot and crying and trying to keep my feelings to myself,but last night I just broke down.
I couldn't talk to any of you guys on here because my computer broke down,and the only people I saw in the last 5 days is kids.
I really heve been in a bad place mentally,it was aweful,no more aunty Yvonne to the rescue and I mean it this time,I just can't do it anymore,they are too cheeky now im not babysitting them anymore.
When my sister goes to New York on Monday this coming week her kids are staying with my parents and im going to the country,I just need to get away.
When my sister gets back from NY my parents are gonna sit her down and tell her this has to stop,she can't keep expecting us to watch her kids,if she wants to pay someone she can,and that she needs to get better help for herself because obviously something isn't right with her thats shes not talking about to her therapist.

Sorry this post is a depressing one,its just you guys on here are the only ones I can share my feelings on this with as everyone else knows but aren't really helpful in any way, and im very stressed,can't wait to get away from it all on Monday.
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