Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

What relaxing weekend?

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About 2o mins ago I was listening to my nice crying because she did want to go to her dads house this weekend,and her mom telling her she had to,because she was going out of town for the weekend,it broke my heart because its the same every weekend,I feel so bad for those kids :(

I then said,its ok Aimee,you can stay here,then I got the job of keeping the other sister Alicia aswell,so thats my quiet weekend shot to hell.
Im really begining to not like my sister very much for how shes treating her kids,she tells them that she needs to have a life too but shes never hardly at home with them and I think they are begining to dislike that alot.
Last night she asked me would I babysit and I said no,thinking if I did she would stay home with them,but I later found out she was sending them to her friends house for the night,I was furious at her.

Im begining to feel like they are in my care 24/7 and as much as I love them,its not right.
One of my cousins hates her mom and dad because they used to get drunk every weekend and during the week were barly at home and I can see the same happening to those poor kids,my sister knows this but continues to say......I need a life.

I think shes very selfish,but I guess the only thing I can do is keep them safe when I have to,im keeping them on St Paddys night for her too.
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