Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Another day,another pain in the butt!!!

So hows life treating all my fellow jlers,What did you get up to to~day?
I myself had quite a quiet evening that I took advantage of.
I have just started a new fic called "Physco" by someone called "layla",I saw it rec'ced on the getithere community and decided to give it a whirl,im only three chapters in and its not bad,a longish fic.
I have a few others im still not finished reading yet.

I told my sister I would babysit on Wednesday night (St Patricks night) so she could go out with her friends,she asked and I just said yes,she was gonna ask a another lass but my niece begged me if she could stay here and I just thought it would be better if both of the girls did,did I mention I hate alcohol.
I can never escape it here,some times I wish I could run away,a 31 year old runaway,have you ever heard of anything more pathetic in your life.

I got these two pics printed today and they look hot just across from my bed,anyway im off now,I hope you are all well.

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