Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Calmer day

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Today I gave my niece the mug I ordered with a pic of her father on it,she didn't show it but I think it was hard for her,she was very appreciative of it and kissed me.
She even joked that she would leave it with milk in it for her new puppy shes getting (shes a bad scamp some times).
Im really glad I did that for her.

My cousin Natasha made up a wee photo album for her,which she loves and my oldest sister got her a Liverpool shirt (her dad was a supporter of that team) and got "Lynch" and the number "8" on the back,so over the last month she has been given a few things she can remember her dad by when she grows older.
Shes getting a pup from her fathers dog that shes going to call "DJ" (Her father was a night club DJ at the weekends alot of the time)

Well,my day so far has been content I think.
My oldest sister has been here alot of the day but I have just been doing my house work and trying my best to avoid saying anything hurtful (I still have feelings of anger towards her cos of how Friday night went,and her poor kid in my arms).
History repeating itself,it makes me angry still.

On a lighter note,im gonna get a newer Gale mug next week (ordered from the same place) and im gonna spell it out how I want it this time so its done properly.
It occured to me that I put in Jordans mug oreder first and the lady probably thought I wanted it done that way on both mugs,so I guess that was my fault.

Im off now to read some fics,im reading a story called "Taylor" by violette7 which im really enjoying.
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