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What have you you done today to make you feel proud

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This afternoon I sent my sister a text message telling her my feelings about coming into my home on Friday night and getting drunk.
I decided to confront her this way cos I knew that if it was done face to face then I would either leave some thing out or possibly go mad,so instead,I did it this way.
This is what I said.

"I want to express my anger at what you did on Friday night,coming into my home and getting drunk with your friend,you had no right to do that,you can get drunk if you choose to anywhere else but you will never again do that in my home,do I make myself clear,I have put up with drunks and shit all my life and im not doing it any more,im sick of it"

A few minutes later she phoned my mom telling her to tell me she was sorry and it won't happen again and she understands that I feel that way.
We have decided not to mention this to my father who would be just as furious as I was cos he really believes in respecting peoples homes and wishes (thats probably where I get it from).

I just want to say thanks for everyones kind words and support on this,you guys have been my rock over this weekend and I would have gone crazy had it not have been for all of you,so thanks.
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