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07 March 2011 @ 06:12 pm
Does anyone of you know.......  

.....wheres a good place to go if you visit New york?
My sister is going to a place called Queens and asked me to ask my lj friends that may live in New york if they know of any places she should visit.
We know NY is very big,she said she may go to Manhatten for the day cos the girl shes going to stay with goes shopping there some times,so can any of help with this?

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snowmore: I heart NYsnowmore on March 4th, 2010 08:55 pm (UTC)
I've been to Manhattan many many times, but only to Queens once to a ballgame. I wish I could help. I wish I had spent a lot more time in Queens, because it's part of that great city!! I hope your sister has a blast. I hope she gets to Macy's! Or Sacs 5th Avenue! What about a Broadway show??
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 4th, 2010 10:12 pm (UTC)
Thanks anyway honey,glad you at least tried,I will tell you your suggesstions,thanks :)
shadownycshadownyc on March 4th, 2010 11:46 pm (UTC)
There's sooooo much to see in Manhattan! I think it would be very wise for your sister to get a tour book and select what she would like to see by her likes and dislikes...

Art galleries, museums, centers for science, theater... loads of shopping and dining, etc.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 5th, 2010 12:07 am (UTC)
Thanks hon,tour guide book is a great idea :)
chadmomchadmom on March 5th, 2010 12:36 am (UTC)
You can find pretty anything you are interested in in Manhattan. Broadway shows, shopping, museums, etc.

Queens is one of the five boroughs that make up New York City: Manhattan, Queens, Brooklyn, Staten Island, and the Bronx. The New York Mets stadium is in Queens, and the New York Yankees in the Bronx.

If she only has a short time, better to spend it in Manhattan. Just walking around is an experience! I worked there for 15 years, right in the theatre district. Great place to visit!

You can ask me specific questions if you like. Just tell me what your sister is interested in.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 5th, 2010 01:38 pm (UTC)
I will bare that in mind,thanks for the info,I will pass in on to her,Godbless. :)
thea2056thea2056 on March 5th, 2010 01:20 am (UTC)
New York is FILLED with fun stuff. What kind of stuff is she into? If the weather is nice, she should see Central Park. Tell her not to bother going to the Statue of Liberty. She can take the Staten Island Ferry, and see it from the ride. It takes only a few minutes. If she goes to Liberty Island, it will take her half the day.

What part of Queens will she be in? There are a lot of cool stuff in all the boroughs.

The subways are way safe, and the easiest way to get around. The more I know about what she likes, the more info I can give you.

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 5th, 2010 01:37 pm (UTC)
I think they mentioned central park,will give her this info,thanks Thea hon. :)
thea2056thea2056 on March 5th, 2010 09:23 pm (UTC)
The MOMA is great. Most museums are closed on Mondays however. If it's nice out, a walk across the brooklyn bridge is great.

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 7th, 2010 12:49 am (UTC)
Will tell her that,thanks hon :)
luvbrian on March 5th, 2010 02:42 am (UTC)
I've been to NYC several times, and love it! The Museum of Modern Art is very good, there are all kinds of shows, Central Park, NBC TV studio...you'll never be bored there!
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 5th, 2010 01:35 pm (UTC)
Its always been a dream of mine to go there,I will give her this info,thanks vicki hon.
Whens the next BMOC chapter,thats one of my fave stories,I might start it from the the start again :)
Later ~ vonnie
luvbrian on March 6th, 2010 12:16 am (UTC)
I'm hoping to have it posted sometime tomorrow. :)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 7th, 2010 12:48 am (UTC)
great :)
brainofjb on March 5th, 2010 09:07 am (UTC)
With all the suggestions people have posted here in the comments...now I want to go to NY! That'd be awesome! :P

I hope your sister has a fun and save trip! :D
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on March 5th, 2010 01:31 pm (UTC)
I would love to go,im so jealous of her :)