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Mugs mugs and more mugs,and Im a bigger mug

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Today I got the mug that I ordered of the post card that Jackie sexy_pumpkin got me from Gales play,and its not what I asked for at all!!
I asked for the pic at the front of the mug and the autograph at the back,instead I got two small pics at the front and back and the writing down the middle,I can hardly see Gales hot face,this is what the piccy kinda looked like but Denise and claudia are in it aswell,I haven't got the actual piccy uploaded yet,sorry....

My dad said I should go back and tell them that they did it wrong but its kinda embarrassing doing that because then I would have to leave them the post card to work on again and I have been having nightmares about something happening to it (the post card) and theres already alot of finger prints all over it (yuk)!
How~ever,my mom said I should just keep the mug as it is and be grateful,its alright.
Am I too fussy,its just what the mug looks like is not what I wanted it to be when I was asking the lass how to make it look,of course its possible she got my order mixed up with the other mug I ordered,that they forgot to do anyway.
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