Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

*I iz back* the aliens sent me home

Yep,the aliens had enough listening to me and so they sent me home,im kinda glad as when they kid~napped me they didn't kid~nap Gale too or let me bring my computer and all my Gale stuff and so I said "Fuck this for a game of darts,take me home".
I guess after a while they got sick listening to me and the next thing I knew,I was back on my door step.lol

What a week,I tried to upload music onto my mp3 player and fucked up the modem that connects me to the internet and now I have to get it fixed or buy a new modem all to~gether,that was on Sunday night.

Monday I went to a print shop to get them to print that pic of Orpheus Descending onto the front of a mug and the autograph onto the back of it (Jackie sexy_pumpkin got it for me)that will take a week until its ready.
I then had a massive siezure on Monday night which when I spoke to my doctor was told it was due to stress.

I slept most of Tuesday ,because for days after my fits ,thats all I can do,and then I watched QAF on Tuesday night,rested yesterday and watched more QAF last night.
Today I am at my local centre in the computer suite,using thier computer,its alot faster than mine,will probably keep using it till mine gets fixed actually.

Have really missed being on here,and all of you guys.
I haven't even checked my emails or friends page so I really hope is well,im off now to do that and then im getting back to Queer realities,no one else in the suite but me,its nice and quiet here,I miss peace and quiet,in my house its never hardly quiet anymore.

Later then
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