Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Who can help moi pwease

I just did a Gale scan of stuff hes in I have seen and stuff that I haven't,here goes

The stuff I have seen are Queer as folk,Desperate Housewives,The Unseen,Wake,Rhinoerceros Eyes,Particles of Truth and Fathers and sons.

I have still yet to see Fertile Ground ,Passenger Side,Grey's Anatomy,Vanished,Deadwood,The Unit,Falling for Grace,Life on the Ledge,
Martha Behind Bars,Law & Order: Special Victims Unit ,Street Time, Mental Hygiene ,36K.

I know our good buddy Dani dani_blondy is helping me have Vanished for which I will be eternally grateful *hugs her tight* and I can buy Martha behind bars at Amazon uk in region one,who would like to help me with the rest?

I know the pre order website for Falling for Grace but does it excpet prepaid cards like Maestro or even paypal,it doesn't say?
Sorry to be a pain but I just need more Gale,like now!!!!
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