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Real life and me

Tomorrow is the first day of lent and last year was the first time in my whole life I completed it.I went off chocolate,crisps,sweets and fizzy drinks (lost some wieght too as I never ate anything after 7pm).
Im gonna do the same for this year,starting tomorrow.

Theres alot going on on mt friends page but the thing that is breaking my heart the most is what poor karyn inner_justin is going through,she is getting such a hard time in her journal because of putting in her journal how she feel about things,I thought we were allowed to express ourselves in our journals,I hope people will just let her alone.

My niece went back to school on Friday and her teachers are keeping an eye on her,im getting her a white mug with a pic of her dad on it,hopefully this week.
She seems in good enough spirit when I see her but I know it must be aweful for her to go through losing her daddy at just 14.

My face has broken out in Psoriasis and im not going outside until I get that cleared up,though im gonna have to go to my computer class on wednesday (yikes)I look like a fucking pizza has been shoved in my face,its really bad,it just got worse the last few days and im using a cream on it called Eumovate,it usually works.
Im so depressd right now.

Im gonna go and read some more of that fic called "Queer Theories" course its possible that may have caused my out break lol(seriously)
Love to all

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