Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Rhinoceros Eyes picspam (behind the scenes)

Today I went to the sendond part of my computer course,I think this one is running until June.We didn't get our certificates yet for having completed the first part,they haven't been certified yet (WTF???)I guess im just impatient (it happens sometimes lol)

I found some piccies of Gale in Rhinoceros Eyes from the out takes or behind the scences,whatever its called.
And thought I would do a little picspam,here goes.

I think he suits that rough look!!
I actually have fans,can you believe it!!

Those arms and his....*iz ded*

Gale finds out he doesn't
get to kiss and
do the nasty with Randy WTF???

How cute is that!!!
Gimme a snog!!!

*tut tut tut*
(Thats bad for your health Galey hon!!! )

~ Ok, no ones looking,gimme that thing ~

Shit,they found me,look innocent,
look innocent  :)
Dorky but hot Galey

Where the fucks Justin lol 


sooooo dorky and incredibly hot!!


kissy kissy

(How lucky is that damn animal)

Well,im not doing this
without Justin

Listen kid,you're not Justin
so make like Michael Jackson
.....and "Beat it"

Sorry,No Justin means no me,
im outta here

He is my sunshine,my only
sunshine,he makes me happy when skys
are grey.

"I know,can you believe these
thought Justin and I broke up,
what a bunch of losers"

"Are you sure I look good"?
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