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14 February 2011 @ 16:30
Be my valintine (question)  
What is this whole be my valintine thing some of you have in your posts,how does it work?
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Found You: Gale-LipbiteyDHSetdani_blondy on 6th February 2010 16:42 (UTC)
you click on the link you see in your friends post.

when you get to the valentine bit of the lj post/comm it will ask you to enter your username

so type in yvonnereid

it will ask do you want it remember your username or something like that i said "just yes for this time" not always.

then you select your 5 lj buddies who you want to send love too.

it's pretty easy a drop down menu like when you change userpics shows up for choosing your lj friends you want too choose and presto but you can only choose 5 lj friends.

Hope that explains it simply enough

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 6th February 2010 19:53 (UTC)
Thankies hon!