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14 February 2011 @ 15:20
To my dear friend Kathleen 7wildwaysup  
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My good friend Kathleen,I hope you can just for today forget that awefully depressing ficcy we are reading and have a most fabulous day,you do deserve it.
Love you loads hon.

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7WildWaysUp7wildwaysup on 6th February 2010 15:35 (UTC)
Thanks Baby I love all the glitter and sparkles that makes me so happy. I guess I really need that after reading this fic, you thought that I was kidding when I said I needed rehab...

Thanks for thinking of me as always, you truly are my muse... and inspiration I promise to snap back out of my self inflicted exile once I get out of rehab...

Love you Baby, Later... ~ Kathleen
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 6th February 2010 15:57 (UTC)
I think im heading there myself with this story.
Glad you like the piccy hon and that im your muse and inspiration,have a great day and no more of that ficcy today cos it will just depress you more.