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Have a great week

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Its an uplifting sort of day today,for which im greatful.
My niece Jordan seems quite uplifted too,which is great.
Shes coming home tomorrow

I was at the epileptic clinic this morning and alls well,they are thinking of reducing my medication to see how that goes for which im glad,thats my anti-depressents and epileptic medication,things are looking up for my health which is great.

I love seeing the pics and reading the reports of everyone whos been to see Galey in his play,you guys are so lucky,im wondering what his next project will be,hope its a movie about....well anything really,wonder what will become of Fertile Ground,it sound really good.

Anywhooooo,im off now to get a hot cuppa and see what im gonna order over the net to cheer myself up some more,cos im alot happier within myself today.
**Huggies to all**
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