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28 December 2010 @ 20:25
To my flist  
Im sorry for spamming your journals but I just wanted to say thanks to you all for being so supportive at this time,you guys are my rocks and im so gratefyl you are my friends.

This is Mark and if you wish to read the story,its behind the cut.



A WEEK-LONG search for missing Omagh man, Mark Lynch ended in tragic circumstances on Tuesday evening when his body was recovered from a river near his home.

Friends of the popular 34-year-old have spoken of their shock and sadness at the development and hundreds of emotional messages in his memory have been pouring into social networking site Facebook during the past few days.

The talented footballer, who is from Farmhill Meadows near Killyclogher, was last seen shortly after 11pm on Tuesday January 19 when he left his home to walk to the home of his mother, Joslyn Irwin, at Hospital Road.

Mr Lynch would normally have followed a route via the Lovers' Retreat and the riverbank, but sadly he never arrived.

At around 5.30pm on Tuesday, Rivers Agency staff assisting in the search spotted his body submerged in the Camowen River at Killyclogher Road, close to the Tyrone County Hospital.

Police are not treating the death as suspicious and said a post-mortem examination will be carried out prior to the funeral, which will take place on Friday morning at Elim Pentecostal Church in Castlederg.

Mr Lynch, who recently had his second child, was well-known throughout the area and had a distinguished football career playing for Beragh Swifts in the Fermanagh and Western League for some 18 years.

The former High School pupil was also noted as an accomplished music producer and dance DJ, and was said to have been extremely proud when his song 'Paraglide' was played on Dave Pearces's Dance anthems show on BBC Radio One in January 2008.

Richard Lyons, Chairman of Beragh Swifts FC and a lifelong friend of Mr Lynch, said the club and the entire Hospital Road community is "numb with shock" at news of his death.

"Growing up you would rarely see Mark without a football, he was always rounding people up for a game in the community centre. I have lost a very close friend and everyone who knew Mark will miss him dearly," said Richard.

"Mark was a very talented footballer who has been with the club for 18 years; he was still playing for our reserves this season. We knew something was very badly wrong last week when he didn't reply to texts about the game last Saturday as usually when you contact him about football he is back to you within a matter of minutes."

Richard said Mr Lynch's tragic loss will touch the whole district, and remarked that anyone who has been involved with local soccer during the past couple of decades would have known him well.

Passing on his thoughts and prayers to Mark's family, Richard said, "On behalf of the club I would like to extend our deepest sympathy to Mark's entire family. We have lost a close friend. He will be remembered with great admiration and love by all who knew him."

Within hours of the confirmation of Mark's death a Facebook tribute was created, providing all those who knew and loved Mark with an avenue to express their grief at his tragic loss.

Indeed, from the countless posts on the site it is evident that Mark was a popular character.

The overriding sentiments shared was that he always had a friendly, warm smile and always made time to chat.

Although in deep shock, Mark's wide circle of friends expressed that his memory will never be forgotten.

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shadownyc: B/J Hug 201 by bloodyrose82shadownyc on 28th January 2010 20:48 (UTC)
Me deepest condolences to all of you. ♥ and *HUGS*
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 28th January 2010 21:10 (UTC)
Thanks Carolyn hon.
7WildWaysUp7wildwaysup on 28th January 2010 20:53 (UTC)
I'm so so sorry for your loss...

I couldn't help but cry as I read the newspaper article. He sounds like a great person and wonderful father and husband...

I can only imagine your pain and shock of having someone close to you die so young. Know that everyone in our community is sending you all there love and keeping you in there prayers... ~ Kathleen
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 28th January 2010 21:12 (UTC)
Thank you Katleen,its very tragic and so sad,its like a ghost area,everyone is just numb with shock,he was loved by everyone.
mitakaymitakay on 28th January 2010 21:03 (UTC)
This is just so sad, so tragic. The article was heartbreaking to read; it sounds like he was a wonderful person. I am so sorry for you and your family.

Your LJ friends are always here if you need us.

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 28th January 2010 21:15 (UTC)
He was a wonderful person,thanks hon for your kind support.
sandra_qafsandra_qaf on 28th January 2010 21:09 (UTC)
So sad and heartbreaking to read
He seems to have been wellloved by all
my thoughts are with you and yours
love to you
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 28th January 2010 21:17 (UTC)
Thanks Sandra.
Lady Elaine: qaf bj heartlumcheng on 28th January 2010 21:22 (UTC)
what a tragedy. leaving a family, friends and fans behind makes it even more sad ;_;
*hugs you* ♥
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 28th January 2010 22:35 (UTC)
He was very popular and very much loved by everyone who knew him.
Thanks so much lummy,you are a great friend.
sexy_pumpkin: Brian roses Sexy Psexy_pumpkin on 28th January 2010 22:22 (UTC)
How very, very sad. Im so sorry, what a tragedy.

Thinking of you Yvonne,,Love Jx
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 28th January 2010 22:37 (UTC)
Thanks heaps hon,im very grateful for all the support on here,it helps to have that.
a_life_defiant: b/pensivea_life_defiant on 29th January 2010 00:07 (UTC)
*hugs you tight & gives you snuggles* This is such a tragedy. You & the family have my sincerest condolences.

This may sound dumb to quote but oh well...

"Times like this, all you can do is hold on till the scenery changes."

I really do think it applies. & just know that all of us here have your back if you need us.

much love
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 00:13 (UTC)
"Times like this, all you can do is hold on till the scenery changes."

Isn't that one of Debbies sayings?
Its not dumb,its true,thanks for the support.
a_life_defianta_life_defiant on 29th January 2010 00:21 (UTC)
Yes it was. Anytime Luv ♥
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 00:22 (UTC)
Thanks hon.
luvbrian on 29th January 2010 00:38 (UTC)
As I said on your other post, I hope you find out what happened to him. God bless you and your family.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 13:20 (UTC)
He drowned in a river on his way to his moms house.
They say he must have tripped and hit his head and then knocked himself out and drowned,its very sad.
snowmore: Stone sculpturesnowmore on 29th January 2010 01:58 (UTC)
A lot of people cared enough to add their words of friendship and like of Mr. Lynch to the news article. It was a nice tribute to him.

I wish there was something we could do for you. You're trying to be strong for your niece, and yet you're struggling with your own sadness.

Keep thinking how we care for you. I wish such tragic sadness hadn't happened to you and your family.

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 13:24 (UTC)
Everyone including you are helping me more than you know,if I couldn't talk on here I would truly be alone right now,you guys have been my rock and thats the truth,thanks hon.
tawny: bj-hugtawny_7 on 29th January 2010 03:58 (UTC)
I'm sorry.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 13:25 (UTC)
Thanks so much
(Deleted comment)
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 13:27 (UTC)
Im glad to share this with you all,Mark will be missed by the community and his family,hes being buried today.
Thanks for your support,you guys have been my rock on here.
masterglory on 29th January 2010 09:06 (UTC)
Hun, what a ugly loss, he was an handsome popular man...I'm close to you and your family, give a kiss to Jordan by me, love, Gloria^^
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 13:29 (UTC)
I will indeed Gloria,shes in need of alot of affection right now and when she comes back from his burial today she will need lots more.
Lynspike7451 on 29th January 2010 09:38 (UTC)
What lovely tributes to a man who was obviously highly thought of and loved. Such a tragic loss. My deepest condolences to you and the family.

Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 29th January 2010 13:30 (UTC)
Thank you so much,he was very popular indeed,Jordan adored him.