Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

How things are going

Yesterday was difficult,we had to wait for my nieces daddy to be brought home,he didn't get to his house until after 11 pm last night,it was such a long day for everyone.
My niece wanted to go to see him at his house last night after they brung him home and the poor wee lass was just in an unbearable state when she returned,it was after 1 am,she didn't sleep last night at all,shes only 14 years old its so sad here.
I made sure she knows im here if she needs me for anything but thankfully she has others around that are helping her as much as she needs right now,im just lurking in the back ground.
We still don't know the cause of his passing yet.
Last night was very hard for everyone,I stayed at home as im not good at wakes or funerals at all,id be crying all over the place and no one needs to see that at all,im not even crying infront of Jordan as she doesn't need to see that either,and its not easy when shes crying herself cos I just want to cry with her.
Im trying so hard to be strong for her cos she needs that,and alot or reasureance I think.
Shes going over today again some time,I think its good for her to see him and know that hes safe and happy with God in heaven,where he will be waiting when she goes there.
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