Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Just a distraction for me for a while

I thought to give my head abit of distraction I would do a picspam,its been a long mornig and im just getting some time to myself,theres a full house down stairs but everyone seems content in my absense.
I found these piccies on different webites including Gale Harold.it,and most are high quailty (all piccies are Brian and Justin or brian by himself and some are of him in "The unit" which I haven't seen)This will be long so bring some coffee with your towel and drool bucket.

BTW,Did I mention its a long picspam???
Some of these piccies I never saw before the other day,so they are new to my blue eyes,hope you enjoy.

It really took my mind of things doing this,hot Gale to the rescue again.

First up is this hotty
after the hot session they
had *yummy*

Theres just something hot about
him in this piccy

I really wish the towel just....fell

"Deep breaths Yvonne"

*iz ded* hes so hot!!

That look will be forever embeded
in my memory!!!

Such a beauty!!

I love this piccy alot!!!

Thats NOT me sucking him off
*wishes it was*

Hes so damn hot

Did someone turn that
damn heat up again???
This is Gale in "The unit"

Another damn towel

How cute???

I want him so much!!!
"The unit"

That lip curl
*iz ded*

"The unit"
fuck hes hot!!

Has passed out!!!

The infamous Brian Kinney
lip curl!!!

Ok,so this is not
Brian and Justin
but theres just something so hot
about the way he is in this piccy

And finally my all time
fave kiss
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