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Real life yadaa yadda yadda

I saw this pic in a post by the amazing dani dani_blondy of Gale in Vanished" and his now girlfriend "Yara",I had no idea the woman was so hot (how could I expect Gale to fall for anyone who isn't hot)

(When I first saw this pic I thought it was piper from "Charmed")

Thanks to patty pfodge for doing this amazing graphic of Gale for me,its awaiting a frame as we speak.(and thanks so much to Coleen u223501 for letting me use her piccy)Heres the end result col,isn't it great,you made me very happy letting me use this piccy,thanks again.

I love my live journal friends!!!!

A special thanks to dani dani_blondy for uploading that piccy of Gale into my profile page, *huggies*

Ok, sorry for spamming your journals with my rants,im off now to get a hot cup of coffee and read some more "And then there was you" that was assigned to me by my wonderful buddy
7wildwaysup Kathleen (I hope you are well,where are you???? I miss you)
Later all,love ya loads
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