Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Gale Harold and realife

Personalized Glitter Graphics

Its Saturday and im kinda bored.
My ex boyfriend/friend is coming to see me,he said last night on the phone he really needed a friend right now because he felt kinda depressed and I told him he could call here today.
Since July when I ended our friendship he has only been in this house once so I said it would be fine.
I know that sometimes its best to put shit aside and just be there for someone if they need a friend and dispite everything that has happened,I think its ok that I do this.

I made a blingee from this hot pic of Gale,this is the pic (the actual pic not blingeed) im using to get printed onto a mug from the photobucked site,it will just show his whole face,im so excited about it,I love him alot more in this pic.!!!! (if its possible)
Its for my birthday which is in oh,let me see.......*thinks* 4 more days.

Well im off now to clean abit,my house isn't very dirty thankfully so it won't take long,what are you guys upto this weekend?
Whatever it is make it special and have fun,toodles.
love you all
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