Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Gale Gale Gale and more Gale,God I need help

Well,it has been a somewhat intresting day day for me.
First I read the story that my good friend Kathleen 7wildwaysup wrote with me in it having a three way with Gale and Randy,it really made my day I swear to God.

Someone on youtube sent me video of Gale pictures in Orpheus Desending,that made me happy too.

Then I saw a few pics of Gale after the play with fans,one of them is u223501 which I thought was very beautiful,also I saw a pic a pic of him with someone else he also looked very hot in it aswell.

I found some pics of my baby (not Gale this time)and want to share them with you,one or two you may have seen already but they are soo cute......

I know she has eyes in her head somewhere lol

This is my nieces chair who charlies butt always
goes to when we visit.

I think this is the one I posted before
but its just so cute!!!

I think this was posted before too but again
its just soo cute!!

And then theres this one,how adorable is she???

I have to put this pic of my boys in too,couldn'resit sorry.....
I can totally see myself sandwiched between tham,damn you kathleen 7wildwaysup
now I can't get that story out of my head *goes to read it again*

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