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Todays events ~ Gales play

So,it seems opening night was a whopper,we knew it would be anyway.
He sings,hes topless *dies* aaaaaand,hes hugging and getting photograghed with his fans *dies again*.my only question is this.......WHY AM I NOT THERE????

O.k,so im calm now,thers alot of posts about Gale in my friends page today,even a radio interview but since my computer has no sound im gonna have to wait until my folks come back and I can borrow daddys laptop,it has a good sound on it.

Im very happy about all the positive vibes about Gale to-day,its so great hes doing something that we all(if we are there that is) can share with him,or support him anyway even if we aren't there.

Im gonna make a grapghic to show my support for his play if I can find a big enogh pic to do so.

Im gonna leave my post with this pic......

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