Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid


Im so glad my computer is up and running again as that laptop I was using was waaaay to slow and almost ended up out on the street lol,its just really old I think.

Anyway,my sister Em had to go the hospital today to get tests done as they think she may have gall stones,both my folks had theirs taken out a few years ago.
Her daughter Jordan is staying with us if she has to stay in but we won't know anything till the results come back,shes at the hospital from 10 this morning,its now 5 in the evening.

I woke up today in agony myself having slept crooked in my bed,my neck and upper back is so sore but im ok and pain killers are helping.

Im really so glad to have my computer working again.

I couldn't believe how many people asked me questions or just popped in to qaf_friends to my interview,it was really overwheling.

Anyway,im off now to have some dinner and I can leave a pic today *yeeha*
Love you all
Ps,a very big welcome to the newest member of my flist dani_blondy *Hugs her*

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