Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid


Im in a great mood today dispite the fact that im still using this reeeeeally slow laptop and its driving me up the walls.lol

My computer course started back to-day and I really loved it,just two more weeks left of it to go and then thats the first part of it over and the BIG exam is on,not the part im looking forward to but I guess thats a part of it.lol

I have been reading fics on my own computer (it just won't let me use the net) as I can do that,good job I saved a shit load there then.
Thers some great fics isn't there.

well im off now to have coffee and then im gonna have to have an ambulance on standby as im gonna bath Charlie,she trys to eat me when I do that,she hates it and it takes me ages to get her settled in there.

Chat soon guys,love you all.

Ps,I still love Gale,sorry theres no pic in this post
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