Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Just so you know

I was very happy today to see the interview I did over on qaf_friends it felt very nice to see it posted.
Im useing a veeeery slow laptop at the min because my computer is "out of order" im not sure why,its really bugging me alot.
This laptop belongs to my dad so im afraid there won't be any qaf pics,poor man might have a heart attack if he sees that kind of stuff.lol
I saved a good few stories to memories today and im gonna read them tonight.
Im not at all aloud outside because its like a sheet of ice everywhere,my dad is just so sweet and protective,he got alot of food in to ast along time.
The network on this laptop is for shit,t keeps going off,the weather has alot to answer for.

Anyway,im just checking in because I may or may not get online again for a few days and just want to let you know what the score is.....computer fucked up,bad network bla bla bla.

Later for now then
*Hugs you all*
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