Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Just a boring old post from me

I have just spent a few days reading a great fic called "secret lives" by scoobysnacksfix and want to say that I think you guys should check it out,its very good.Justin is a prostitute and Brian is married to Lindz,just take it from there lol.
Im off now to read a fic called "Incomplete" by anwamane13.

Moving on,I got round to watching "Fathers and sons" and thought it was quite sad,did anyone else think that?
I knew the min I saw Gale I would want to jump his bones and I was right,how hot is he in that film,loved the ending and I adored that guy who was gay,off the top of my head I can't remember his name.
I laughed alot when the woman said to Elliot "you must be devastated" and the next thing he was fucking her,so funny.
Great film but emotionally charged.

I myself am doing ok,snow has almost gone,Charlie won't go outside for her walks and no-one can get her to at all.
I had so much I wanted to say but I can't remember what.
Money is a issue for me at the min and im kinda depressed because of it and thats why im reading alot of B/J fics of late.

Im off now to get a cuppa and do some more reading for a while.
Love you all

Im feeling naughty so this is my pic of the day

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