Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Real life

I have saved a good few stories to my memories now that im def gonna read again,yaaay.
Its good to have that to refer to instead of having to go back into peoples journals and what if you can't remember where you read the fic you are looking for?
Someone had their thinking cap on when they thought about memories lol

Its day four of my new eating plan and so far its going great,im so proud.

Have finally got round to posting Nickys ifuseeknickys christmas parcel and hope he'll like it *is worried*.

Im stll waiting for Fathers and Sons to come in the post,it was ordered from amazon (uk) on christmas eve,should it not be here by now?
Other stuff that was ordered the day before c/eve has come already.(im so excited about watching Gale in it).

I wonder will anyone whos going to see his play this month take any pics of him and post them,have seen b/white pics and fuck hes beautiful in them!!!
Heres one...

*I think im inlove*......sighs

Moving on,the snow is very deep here and im thankful to not have to leave my warm house today,gonna get a hot cup of coffee and read some more hot Brian and Justin fics,what ever you guys are up to to~day,be safe and keep warm.
Lots of love and hugs
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