Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

PIMPING (and Gale)lol


Oh Gale,how I wish I could run my tongue down your spin,part you cheeks and.....OH SIT!!!
I swear I thought I was alone in here,honestly such thoughts about this hot man have never crossed my mind,its all lies. *winks*

Ok,so first of all,a special thanks to Pat positive_pat whose holiday card I recieved in the post today.*Hugs you tight*

And im gonna do some pimping in this post also,first up is 7wildwaysup,I love all her stories,shes a great writer,so you really should check them out if you haven't yet done so.
Then Nicky ifuseeknicky is second....ah fuck it,just go check out his graphics and videos,they speak for themselves so he doesn't really need pimped.(love you Nicky)

Viv foreverbm and Patty pattysplayhouse over at grafx_requests are amazing artists and do all of my grafx work for me (one or two may be done by others but thats rare cos no-one holds a candle to their work).

Let me think,who else would I like to mention here????
Oh yes,u223501 luvbrian lindtti positive_pat fraserette inner_justin lumcheng oh and finally 7wildwaysup what do you mean I mentioned her already,your dreaming!!!!

These are all fantastic writers and im sure theres more but you won't all fit in this post,sorry,but these guys fics I have read more than once or possibly 5 times lol,so go check out their journals if you haven't yet,all the journals pimped here,check them all.

Now,where was I.....oh yes parting Gales cheeks and running my tongue along his.......

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