Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

chit chat

To~day I took my tree and stuff down and put it all away,the place looks so bare now and kinda strange,it will take a while for my mind to adjust lol.

I really enjoyed reading my friends page today,lots of great fics in there and lots of nice rl stuff too,im happy that all is well in my flist.

To~day is the start of my healthy road with food,no more eating after 7pm,just like the the great god Kinney,im so excited.

Im still loving 7wildwaysup fics alot,they really are great and I think shes a lovely person too,I feel like shes a really good friend now,we communicate through my fic comments alot lol.

I kinda have a thirst for something different now (fics) but im not sure what,I have read alot of late but im in the mood for something new,maybe violent sex make ups with Brian and Justin but not bondage,im just so in the mood to read really violent sex stories now,im a freak,I know.

Heres my pic of the day
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