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04 January 2010 @ 17:46
A question  
I have seen in peoples journals were they save fics ect... into memories and I was wondering,are we allowed to save other peoples fics into our memories,theres a few peoples fics I would really love to save into my memories (I would never take someones fics and claim as my own) but would it still be ok to save them anyway (there names would be with their fics and people would know I never wrote them).
What do you guys think,would you mind if it was your fics I saved? (keeping in mind your names would be with them and it would probably be linking to your journal,I think thats how it works,)

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Michael Owns Meforeverbm on 4th January 2010 17:31 (UTC)
That's what the memories option is for Yvonne, to save things whether fic, graphics, info or anything.

I have works by others in mine for reference.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 4th January 2010 17:49 (UTC)
Oh good,theres a great many things I want in there,I feel better now,thanks Viv.xox
shadownycshadownyc on 4th January 2010 18:25 (UTC)
Absolutely! It's a compliment to an author to want to save their fic for rereading.

I've also saved lengthy picsspams that I've wanted to revisit.

The one caution is that if the person locks or takes down the fic you may no longer have access.
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 4th January 2010 18:37 (UTC)
Never thought of that,but the fics I just saved are newly put up by authors and im on their flist anyway (thankfully).
I just thought that if im saving someones work and they happen to check out my memories and see a fic or two belonging to them in it,it might piss them off and thats the last thing I would want to do to any of you guys.xxxx