Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Tell me im dreaming please!!!!!!

Its not too cold here to~day,mind you I haven't went outside yet,I mostly did my house work and read fic,no~ones here but me and Charlie (who's asleep on my bed)
I haven't been on facebook lately as im just not excited about it,this is where I love being the most.

I need to take off three or four stone so im gonna start that to~morrow,its not a resolution or anything im just gonna do it,its gonna be hard I know,but im gonna try really hard this time. (wish me luck)

brainofjb did a post about someone saying that they think they saw Gale getting on a motorcyle (Ducati I think she said) and since I read that post its really freaked me out,am I wierd cos I don't want to think of him on a bike ever again?
Tell me im dreaming please!!
I really like him and don't want anything bad to happen to him!!!
People in my life tell me I worry to much.

I have just read every fic that 7widwaysup wrote except "Marriage material" but im getting started on that tonight,im gonna pimp her journal all week cos her fics are truly brill,so you should read them and leave her nice comments.

Many thanks to my widdle munchkin Nicky ifuseeknicky for making me this......

im just gonna have to figure out how to upload it to my user profile page,he gave me instructions how to but im just too scared to incase it goes pear shaped.
(yes,some things never change and yes,he already had it made in his journal,I sent him a msg asking hime to put my name on it for me as its rude to deface someones work).

So,im off now because I want to feed Charlie,she has risen from her sleep.lol
Later,and plaese leave nice comments lol
Love and hugs xoxo
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