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02 December 2010 @ 15:20
Pimping and real life  

Hi all,its feezing here today.
I wanted to do some pimpming in this post so im gonna do that first.
Please go and joind join qafpost the next thing we get to do is awesome and im so excited about it as I love sending stuff to people,so go join if you haven't already.*bats eyelashes*

Also,please check out 7wildwaysup fics *bats eyelashes again*,the woman is a fucking great writer but I get the impression she doesn't agree,so read her fics and leave her nice comments please.....have you read her fic called *Brett Aiden McKinney* ? its awesome,they all are,im heading in there again later today to read the ones I heven't yet read.

Many thanks to Nicky ifuseeknicky for doing that post yesterday with all the great quality pics,I saved them all and now have a great collection,thanks baby *squishes you*.

So now to rl stuff,dinner yesterday was at my sisters house and it was beautiful,my folks went home today but my niece Alicia is staying tonight,shes a mad hatter,seriously lol
well im off now to prepare dinner and im gonna choose an icon to use until dear Patty pattysplayhouse who does amazing work at grafx_requestsgets round to my request (no rush hon),oh you should so join there if you haven't already,they know their stuff,real artisits,I swear.

Ok,thats all for now,later xxxxxx

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Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 2nd January 2010 20:02 (UTC)
Thanks baby,and please don't forget to put yvonne on it,its for my profile page,love ya xxxx