Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

A Brian and Justin fic I just wrote

DISCLAIMER:::I do not own queer as folk or the characters
BETA:::No,all mistakes are mine
PAIRING:::Brian and Justin
RATED:::Yes,of course
SUMMARY:::Brian misses Justin when Justin goes to New york after season 5


Brian looked around the loft; it felt so empty since Justin moved to New York.
Walking up the stairs and laying down on the bed, he remembered some of the good times he had with the blue eyed blonde.

The way when he came home from the office Justin would straddle him and give his neck little feather kisses that drove him crazy as he made his way down to his already hard cock, wrapping his warm soft wet lips around it until he would erupt like a volcano down his throat.
God he missed those days a lot, they were the days when he looked forward to coming home from work.

When he lay on the bed having rid himself of his clothes and briefs, Brian began rubbing both his nipples gently with his finger tips until they became tender under his touch and he gave a low moan before sliding one of his hands further down and wrapping his fingers around his fully erect leaking cock.
Slowly he started pulling it up and down as he imagined Justin would.
It drove him crazy as he came all over his stomach and hands.
“Justin” he whimpered, and then he sobbed into the blonde’s pillow.

A few hours later Brian awoke to find he was very cold with the noise of the phone on his bed stand.
” WHAT” he answered in an angry tone “Brian” a familiar voice asked “Justin” asked Brian, “Is that you”? “Yes, am making my way up in the elevator, are you home”?
Brian jumped up and quickly said “Yea, im home”

Opening the loft door Brian felt a swirl of butterflies in his stomach as he saw his blue eyed beauty exit the elevator.
“Justin” he said as the blonde walked into his hug “What the fuck are you doing here”?
Justin sat his bag down as Brian shut the loft door behind them both.
“I’m visiting the man I love who it seems has taken to wearing his birthday suit when he greets his guests at the door” replied the blonde.
“Only when I greet you sunshine, and you wouldn’t have it any other way”.
Brian then pulled the lad into a hug with a deep wet kiss and knew who his heart belonged to.


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