Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Actors ~ Then and now

I thought I would find pics of some of our fave celebs when they were younger and what they look like now,theres some difference,I started with Gale cos hes my babe!
Enjoy and feedback is loved x

Starting with our Gale,how cute was he as a kid??

Heres Drew Barrymore,shes one of my fave actresses,shes great at comedy lol

Heres Macualy Culkin,have only seen him in the Home Alone films which I love

Heres Madge,she looks unbelievably different,but still amazing

Heres Britney,shes very hot these days!

Brad Brad Brad,I really fancied him when I was a teenager,even now hes still hot course no where near as hot as our Gale

This is Mikey from the Goonies,that was my fave film when I was a kid

This is the lass who played Buffy,always thought she was hot,and shes so cute as a kid

Does anyone els think Ash kinda resembles our Gale,maybe thats why im atrracted to him

Johnny Depp,God he really hurts my sides as Jack lol

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