Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Peter is on FaceBook....

....and im not dreaming this!!!!am I?
Ok,so the wierd thing that happened with my sleep is still kinda freaking me(see my last post)so I decided to go on fb.....and I came across Peter,obviously I friended him straight away (am I still sleeping?).
I just friende Viv foreverbm and Pat positive_pat....how many of you guys are on facebook lol

Do you think its really peter or someone pretending to be him?

A special thanks to chadmom for the vg

A quick edit:Very sorry Viv foreverbm I was kinda half asleep when I wrote this post lol,have fixed the error now.

That smuck,im so easy when it comes to believing people can be honest and really thought that might have been Peter,I guess it could be him but its like Nicky ifuseeknicky said.....you can be anyone on facebook,so its really hard to know,I mean,I could be Madonna lol(im not).
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