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25 December 2009 @ 18:02
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To-day has been without a boubt the best day we have all shared as a family for a very long time.
We all had dinner here and because my mom and dad did the dinner,I washed all the dishes and my youngest niece Aimee (shes nine) dried them all(I gave her money for helping).
In total there was nine of us (very noisy) but we laughed (most of the jokes were at my expense) (brutes).lol

Everyone has gone home now and its just my parents,charlie and myself here.
*is happy its quiet*

I got lots of nice things,a beautiful pink scarf(pink is my all time fave colour incase you didn't know lol)all kinda light feathery,its beautiful,money and a book that tells me what dreams mean,mine are so vivid,im not even lieing.*rolls eyes*
Perfumes,bath stuff,stuff for the shower(lots of stuff) *sniffs under arms* are they trying to tell me something???
Face creams ,cleansers washes and bedroom slipper ugg boots and fluffy socks and last but by far not least.......a pic of Gale in a beautiful big silver frame,that almost floored me,I swear.

We had a very white day aswell,and I think its the first time in at least five or maybe six years (possibly even more,we couldn't remember ourselves)since that last happened.

*clears throat* I had a small glass of Bailys with lots of ice after dinner.(I know I know,but its Christmas and plus I acheived alot this year having completed therapy and doing my computer course and everything else,I decided that even though I don't drink alcohol.....I would today,because I deserved it).

The only people missing today was my brother and his wife,they usually come on christmas day but coudn't this year because they crashed the car(they are both fine thankfully and are at home).
I think they are coming tomorrow.

All in all it was a great day,santa didn't leave Gale in my stocking this year.....maybe next year.
I hope you all (and Gale of course) enjoy the rest of today and indeed the holiday.
Godbless you all x
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Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 25th December 2009 20:18 (UTC)
They scary,but it was minor and they are fine,hope you had a wonderful time today too!
Lady Elainelumcheng on 26th December 2009 00:07 (UTC)
lol @ your comment about the shower-stuff-gifts XD~
but yay, the framed Gale sounds epic *is happy for you* ♥

it's good to hear that you had a wonderful christmas, I hope your brother and his wife can come later *hugs*
Yvonne Reidyvonnereid on 26th December 2009 14:18 (UTC)
I was thrilled with the pic,so unexpected!!
I have someone who prints pics of Gale for me and my mom was speaking to him asking him for ideas and he printed a pic of him and said "if you put that in a frame for her she will be over the moon for days".....hes right.lol