Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

kellogs cornflakes and hot milk

I found this pic on google and it made me giggle,I could sure use one of them today lol.

I think I got about three hours sleep last night as I was up the whole night with a stuffed nose one min and a runny nose the next,cold and hot,I have a very bad case of the cold and I think its heading into my chest.

My mom and nephew are here as they both stayed last night.My daddy is coming from the south today and they are both staying until Christmas day,dinner is here.
Anyway,I got out of bed again the millionth time at 08.45 when my mom got up,my nephew is curled up into a ball like a cat,so cute.Im afraid I kept them both up last night so it was a rough night for them too.
My mom is away to the shop to get me lockets and lemsips,oh and a wee tub of vaseline for me lips as they has dried up quicker than wet sand in the sahara.

Yes,im done complaining now so you can go about your day,make it a great day for yourselves,im off to read my friends page and then some hot B/J fic.
I read two fics,part one was called "This is the last time" and part two was called "in between days" by an author called Dliegh,does any of you guys know if there is a third part,would be very grateful if you could help me find it.

Thats it for now then,be back later.Have a nice day
Heres my hot pic,its my fave since im sick.....

Made at@puffblinks
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