Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid


My Queer as folk season four reigon 2 dvds came today which means I can now watch them on Christmas night like I wanted to....YAAAY!
Im so happy about that!

Im all by myself today as my nieces are away down south with my folks until Tuesday and my house work is done thankfully.

I was reading that article in Advocate that some of you gave links to and was shocked to find out that our Rany was in that same play that Daniel Radcliffe was in and was completely naked on stage and that there are possible penis shots around.
If there are I honestly hope no one puts them on the net because thats just not a nice thing to do to Randy and im 100% certain he wouldn't like it anyway.
Yes we have seen his naked body in Queer as folk but only his ass (and what a cute ass) but not his penis which is the way he wanted it.

Anyway,moving on from Randy,one of my good fucking frames broke today so im hopeing a little glue will fix that,ok im off to make a hot cuppa coffee and see if I can find any good Brian and justin fics to read for a while,have a great day you guys.
Love and hugs
Heres my hot pic of the day.....enjoy

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