Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

Im happy today(will you please stop asking me did I do Gale....I haven't yet lol)

So today I washed all my bed clothes and curtains (could slighty smell smoke)and hoovered and mopped the whole house,had a long hot shower(wished Gale was in it with me but thats another story),went to post my live journal flist Christmas cards (it cost a liitle over £10,WTF!!!)Did some food shopping,came home and now im gonna make some pics to post to people on xmas eve.(maybe YOU might get one lol)
Yesterday I ordered season four of QAF (in reigon 2) so it should be here maybe tomorrow (I know I have it already but that season kinda jumps at the good parts *blushes*)

Ok,im off to get a hot cuppa and get started,have a great day flist and Yvonne loves you all very much.
Love and hugs.

And heres my hot pic of the day

Blinkie made by goodgal996 @ puffblinks
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