November 11th, 2011

Im bitching again (windy weather and pizza face lol)

Todays weather is un-fucking-beleaveable!!!

Its really windy and cold,its so windy that I have just out my window seen a wee boy out walking with his mommy,and been lifted off the ground and made to fall,poor wee thing.

I think the fact that he had more padding than the "Michelin Man" helped him not get hurt,he only looked about four.

Charlie is under my bed and comes out every now and again and looks at me and crys and then goes back under it again,its loud for me,god knows how loud it must be for her,poor wee thing,I can't even get in at her cos shes way in at the back.

My face is all broke out in psorisis and is driving me mad with itch but im using my cream which is helping with that,im not stepping foot outside the front door until its gone,and having bad weather is adding to my decision to stay indoors also.

Im off now to read more of that fic I recc'ed yesterday.
Have a great day whatever you are upto
Hugs you all

Blinkie by

Vonnies art work

I thought I would share with you the stuff I have worked on in my art class but,before I do I want you to not Andy Warhol,ok lets get it over with.

The first one is the ceramic plates and mugs,the glass and glass jar
I couldn't help putting Gale and Randys names on the mugs and on the plates I wanted a christmas theme,we are putting food on the plates on Chrismas day,the mugs won't be used but the glass jar will be used for sweets for the kids,actually I might just wrap the the lot up and give them away as gifts for my family for Christmas!

They all seem to love them anyway,though I will have get stands for the plates.

Moving onto the frames now,the first two are off Gale but I had to add white paper to the top of the pics cos his head would have been covered by the paint,I might ask the beautiful ladies at grafx_requests to fix another pic I want to use instead,I want Gale in one and Randy in the other,I worked on the frames with a tube of glass paint,very tricky to do when you have a hand that shakes like mine.

The last pic (scooby doo) is for my cousins daughter who loves dogs,its not finished yet,I have to either paint him or just add a scooby coloured Back ground,I haven't decided yet.
Again I used the tube of glass paint

Anyway,I hope you like them (im sure you are probably thinking you have a ten year kid that could do better lol)

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