January 8th, 2011

happy girl

New Layout and Profile

I got our awesomely fab Nicky ifuseeknicky to do a new layout for my new community bjtube (check it out) and also he changed my profile in there aswell.

As you know by now,its a place where you can post all your fave Brian and Justin or Gale and Randy videos.

If you have any questions about the community,pm or email me at bjtube@gmail.com

Huge hugs and have a fab weekend,Yvonne x

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happy girl

Thank you 7wildwaysup

This morning I got a wonderful gift from you in the mail Kathleen,and it made me so happy,more happy than any xmas gift I got this year (cos it was of the boys).
I love the magnets very much and im really happy you sent them to me,thanks so much hon :)
Huge hugs,Yvonne x

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