Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

How It All Began For Me........

Probably my hair will never be this long again, who knows I guess. I do sometimes miss it to be honest but it's just so much handier in a pixi now. This was my first shave to raise money for autism in 2012.

These two pics were taken today, I love how big my eyes look in it. I also love how I slightly sweep my front part to the side....yay!

Sorry about the stupid light!

Oh, things going good with my eating plan and exercise, looking forward to letting you know what I weigh on Monday....I think lol. I'm hoping to have 5 lbs off :)

 photo WIN_20140910_190108_zpse68c3102.jpg  photo WIN_20140910_190123_zps31b1ed2b.jpg
Tags: head shave, long hair, me, pixi cut, weight loss goals
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