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On December 3, 2000 the first episode of "Queer as Folk" aired on American Television. This show changed the world of television and changed many viewers worlds too. Please use this community on December 3, 2010 to rediscover and rejoice in your love for Queer as Folk.

NEW COMMUNITY by galeandrandy !!! -> queerasfolk_10

This is just a general idea of celebration goodies for the event
Posts or links to COMPLETED fanfiction about the series with the theme "A Decade of Queer as Folk".
Links to or under a cut in the community: Images and Icons celebrating the theme: "A Decade of Queer as Folk"
Links to Queer as Folk Videos made for the theme "A Decade of Queer as Folk"
Links to your top favorite fictions.
Links to your most-loved fanvideos.
Links to or under a cut: Pictures or Pic Spams about "Queer as Folk"
Discussions of Episodes. (This can include youtube or other site videos as evidence)
Discussions of Characters/Pairings.
Something inspiring about your love for "Queer as Folk".
Get personal. Tell us how you first 'met' "Queer as Folk".
Has "Queer as Folk" impacted you? If so, how?

This community is open membership, but posting is closed until December 3, 2010. Then everyone will be able to post their own things whenever they want. Please pimp this community in your own journals and communities. This date is an important one in our fandom's history and it should be celebrated. Any questions? PM galeandrandy or comment in her journal.

Isn't it exciting!!! Please repost this to your journal/community and lets all be a part of it!!!!
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