Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid


by ifuseeknicky

This is ifuseeknicky speaking.

Things have changed ! Yvonne's presence on Facebook is no longer the same! We want things organized and that's why, as in charge of Yvonne's communication, I redid everything. I deleted the groups and the pages Yvonne had to make a fresh start.

The Facebook group Gale Harold & Randy Harrison Fans is unresolved.
The Facebook group Yvonne Harold is deleted.
The Facebook page Queer As Fics is deleted.

The Facebook profile Yvonne Harold is created.
The Facebook profile Queer As Fics is created.

Yvonne's graphic creations will be uploaded on Yvonne Harold (FB)

Here are her links now :

Needless to say the links in the profiles of yvonnereid, yvonne_harold and queer_as_fics are updated.


Tags: information, nicky, sunshined
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