Yvonne Reid (yvonnereid) wrote,
Yvonne Reid

My top ten hottest gay men........ever

Im kinda bored tonight so I thought I would do my top ten fave hottest gay men,have a look and see if anyone in here does it for you.
(Please remember that this is just for fun aswell,thanks)

Starting at number ten.....here goes


I always had a thing for George Michael,and still do!!


This is adam lambert,I think hes also hot!

8.Im gonna say this only one time.....I really think Nicky ifuseeknicky is hot,but I have no pics of him but if you want to see what he looks like ,click on his name and check out his journal in his halloween post ,and you will find some pics of him
*hides face*Im sorry,but the guy is hot!!!


These guys are in Dantes Cove and I have no idea what their orientation in real life is but they are gay on the show.


This is Mark Feeliy from an Irish band called westlife(shane is my fave as hs hotter)


This is John Barrowman,hes very naughty....look where his hand is *giggles like a twit*


This is Peter Paige (aunty Em)
Hes very hot too!!


Randy is my second fave hot gay fella.....but my all time fave hottest gay fella in the world is..........as if you couldn't guess lol


Brrrrrrrrian Kinney!!!!
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